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MetaMirror Unveils AI Buddy: The First AI-Powered Decentralized Identity (DID), Formerly Known as MBuddy

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MetaMirror Unveils AI Buddy: The First AI-Powered Decentralized Identity (DID), Formerly Known as MBuddy

February 28
22:16 2023

MetaMirror is excited to introduce AI Buddy – the soulmate in the world of Web3. As the internet shift to Web3 and Metaverse, MetaMirror needs a new approach to managing personal data that is free from centralized breaches and is fully in control. To prepare ahead of time for this inevitable future, MetaMirror has launched the AI Buddy program, which provides people a way to start collecting valuable data that’s scattered in Web2 and Web3, and use it for the own good through the implementation of AI technology. In this article, MetaMirror will introduce people to AI Buddy, how it works, how it benefits people with additional income and smart services, and why it is a critical and fundamental infrastructure to enter the future internet.

What is AI Buddy?

AI Buddy is the intelligent friend that acts on the behalf, exclusively owned by people. It’s a devoted companion and the soulmate in the world of Web3, making it one of the most significant digital assets. Designed to help people make a safe and smooth transition to Web3 and Metaverse, AI Buddy is created using advanced AI algorithms that analyze the data to understand the preferences. With this deep understanding, AI Buddy can act intelligently in the virtual realm, working to benefit people.

With AI Buddy by the side, people can discover countless online-earning opportunities tailored to the unique identity. From paid ads to paid surveys, AI Buddy helps people generate passive income effortlessly. People don’t need to do anything – just sit back, relax, and watch the money roll in.

But that’s not all. AI Buddy also offers a suite of smart assistant features designed to make the life easier. From personalized news recommendations to intelligent search suggestions, AI Buddy uses advanced AI algorithms to anticipate the needs and act on the behalf.

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How it Works

To create the AI Buddy, the first step is to convert the Web2 and Web3 data into a “data asset token” that only people can access. This confidential token holds intrinsic value and enables people to gather all the valuable data, whether it’s held by centralized service providers in Web2 or scattered across various wallet addresses in Web3 blockchains.

The next step is the automatic creation of the AI Buddy using MetaMirror’s AI computing cloud, which is born from the data and understands the preferences.

Finally, the AI Buddy begins to act intelligently for the benefit, helping people discover online-earning opportunities like paid ads, and offering a range of smart assistant features, such as personalized news recommendations. With the AI Buddy, transitioning to Web3 becomes safer and easier.

The Motivation and Background of Why People Need AI Buddy

With the emergence of Web3, the digital landscape has expanded with limitless possibilities. However, with this new frontier comes the need for better management of digital identity. In the past, personal data was stored centrally, which left it vulnerable to breach and misuse. In the world of Web3 and Metaverse, where people engage in high-value digital transactions and interact more intimately with others, a breach or misuse of identity data could have far-reaching consequences compared to Web2.

Hence, people require a new solution that is decentralized and directly controlled by individuals to prevent data breaches and protect against third-party abuse. AI Buddy offers this solution by providing a fully decentralized identity data management system that puts users in complete control of their data and identity.

AI Buddy is the perfect companion for exploring the thrilling realm of Web3. It offers a secure and decentralized approach to managing the digital identity, giving people complete control over the data assets while earning passive income and accessing various data-driven services. With AI Buddy, people have a trusted partner in the digital world that understands the preferences and acts intelligently to enhance the experience. As people continue to explore the limitless potential of Web3 and Metaverse, AI Buddy will be the reliable companion, ensuring that the journey is smooth and enjoyable.

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