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The international charity organization Sunshine Charity Association Introduction

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The international charity organization Sunshine Charity Association Introduction

March 11
07:36 2023

Basic Information:

Sunshine Charity Association, an international charity organization, was established in Hong Kong, China in 2012 and has now set up a branch in Singapore. Since its establishment, the team has been adhering to the concept of “Practicing the principles of charity and delivering the warmth of human kindness”, carrying out charitable activities around the world, bringing warmth and providing help to poor areas and people, especially in Africa and Southeast Asia, with a trend of radiation to the surroundings.

In the future, Sunshine Charity Association will continue to uphold charity concept, expand the team, and increase the proportion of professional charity and rescuers, bringing more professional, charitable and public charity services to the world, giving warmer help to the recipients to enhance team reputation and improve charity quality.


The founding of the team is full of legendary and opportunities. There are three founders, Mr. Li Guoqiang, Ms. Chen Lihua and Mr. Abel, who come from three different regions, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai respectively with different identify, which is full of legends. Due to the same charity ideals and determination to help others, they came together and co-founded Sunshine Charity Association, and always adheres to the concept of unity and cooperation to pursuit higher level charity. As the founders, they always adhere to the principle of physical action in the team’s charity activities, and always stand in the front line. They have left their footprint in the African continent, Southeast Asia and other places. It is with the encouragement of the founders that all members of Sunshine Charity Association strive to do better in charity activities and be strict with themselves.

Team development:

Up to now, the team has a glorious history of eleven years. And through eleven years of trials and hardships and development, the members of the team has exceeded 150,000. The he team has experienced two turns. At the beginning, due to the lack of human resources, financial resources and popularity, its development is not very well, so it ran in the form of “small alliance”. In 2015, through the continuous efforts of the founders, the team took shape and the number of people reached 30,000. In 2018, as the team has been practicing charity activities around the world and delivering warmth, its popularity has been expanding and the number of team members has reached more than 80,000 until the current 150,000 people. The members come from all over the world, such as the eastern region of China, the western region of Europe, as well as Russia, Australia, Africa. We gather together to build the dream of charity power.

Team Structure:

The financial resources is diversified, mainly including Internet financial investment, real estate investment, cryptocurrency investment, and tourism investment. The team has a strict internal management system and development model, such as: financial advisors, financial analysis team, lawyer advisors and many other systems. All team managers are professionally vetted and have strong market insight, and can escort the economic development of the team.

The team’s investment and development concept is to seeks profit steadily, and develop while making profit. Generating revenue to members through correct investment and market insight with sustainable profit living water.

Development Vision:

In the next decade, the team will further enhance the charity power, carry out charity activities around the world to spread the world with Sunshine Charity Association members, contribute to the development of human destiny, let the love keep spreading, let the warmth keep passing!

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