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Animal Farm Creates Truly Decentralized Ecosystem Cementing Their ‘Pioneering’ Status With Platform Features

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Animal Farm Creates Truly Decentralized Ecosystem Cementing Their ‘Pioneering’ Status With Platform Features

March 23
08:13 2023

The Animal Farm has achieved ‘pioneer’ status as they redefine and raise the bar for all decentralized ecosystems that follow in their path. This platform comes just in time as we watch the woes of centralized finance with trepidation. Animal Farm is a decentralized finance platform operating on the BSC network with a new and innovative ownership model that is going to change the way investors think about earning yield on their assets. Learn about the exclusive yield aggregating opportunities and cash flow distributions available to AFP stakers, who are the true owners of the Animal Farm, plus ten key features investors should know about this unique platform.

Introducing Animal Farm and the Strength of DeFi Ownership

Animal Farm is an open-source platform that utilizes the power of DeFi to enable investors to own a share in the platform and benefit from its growth. As users accumulate and stake AFP tokens, their ownership of the platform and access to its revenues will increase, which allows them to receive payouts from the platform’s various profit streams.

The Animal Farm is the only platform that offers profit generating products and services that allow users to earn both BUSD (a stablecoin) and BNB (Binance Coin), without needing to sell native assets. With BUSD, users can earn with the stability of USD, and with Binance coin users gain exposure to the growth of the crypto market. Both of these assets are backed by Binance, the largest and world’s leading crypto exchange. 

Moreover, Animal Farm stands out from its competition due to its user-friendly interface, open-source code, low transaction costs, and no hidden fees. Additionally, all transactions are secured through advanced security protocols and thoughtful architecture that prevents front-running or manipulation. These measures, combined with non-custodial contracts (which allow users, and only users, to retain control of their assets) ensure that users’ assets remain safe at all times. 

How Does the Animal Farm Work?

Animal Farm is a utility-driven DeFi platform that works by allowing users to stake idle assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and BNB, among others, to earn native tokens, namely the reward token (AFD) and the governance token (AFP). The Animal Farm Dogs (AFD) tokens can be staked in the Dog Pound to earn BNB. Then, the Animal Farm Pigs (AFP) token can be staked in the platform’s governance pool, called the Pig Pen, to increase share ownership of the platform and all of its profit streams.Ten Key Features of the Platform

  1. The PIGS Governance Token – Reaping Benefits from Platform Dynamics

Those who hold more AFP tokens and stake them to the Pig Pen will receive proportionally larger payouts based on their share of the staking pool. Revenue from the platform’s taxes, non-custodial lending, and various DApps are paid out to investors in the Pig Pen via BUSD distributions. For every PIGS token staked, the investor also earns a proportional vote in the platform’s future roadmap proposals.

  1. Proactive Measures to Prevent Front-Running and Price Manipulation.

Animal Farm incorporates several internal mechanisms, called “tokenomics,” to prevent price manipulation. These include innovative vesting models and built-in liquidity helper mechanisms, both of which are designed to protect users from malicious actors and stabilize the volatility of native tokens. These smart contracts use platform fees to either buy native tokens and use them to add liquidity or “burn” native tokens to take them out of circulation permanently.

This is in contrast to how other platforms will typically use their native tokens and platform fees for developer income. This ultimately hurts their platforms because sell pressure is “baked in” to their tokenomics.

  1. An Adaptive Supply Mechanism for a Dynamic Market

In the vast majority of other crypto platforms, tokens are blindly emitted – often continuously and endlessly inflating supply. As supply increases, token values drop and can only be rescued by heavy buy pressure or by reducing supply. This is why we often see projects doing periodic “token burns”. These attempts are temporary, as token emissions continue in the background.

Animal Farm has a different approach with its proprietary Decentralized Dynamic Control Algorithm. This automated feature adjusts the rate of emissions based on the degree of demand for native assets. This allows for more efficient and equitable management of the price performance of their native tokens.

  1. Pioneering DeFi with an Experienced Team

Animal Farm’s Team has a long history of diverse expertise in the crypto space, both as investors and developers. This team has developed other top projects in DeFi, starting in 2012 with building some of the first bitcoin payment models. Incorporating an experienced team of blockchain developers, a robust marketing team, and a strong community of contributors, allows Animal Farm to provide confidence for users looking for a secure DeFi solution that will allow them to better manage their assets and grow their investment.

  1. Verifiable Random and Trustless Games on the Blockchain

Animal Farm is preparing to release a whole suite of on-chain, verifiably fair games, offering a secure way for players to wager assets and investors to earn cash flow as owners of the platform . The platform uses advanced cryptography, smart contracts, and distributed ledger technologies to ensure players are protected from any unfair game practices.

These measures allow all transactions to be recorded publicly on the blockchain, making it impossible for any malicious parties to alter or tamper with results. 

  1. DeFi and GameFi Unite – Unlocking a New User Base for Animal Farm with Piggy Plinko!

Check out Piggy Plinko – revolutionary crypto game powered by Chainlink’s VRF.  Plinko, is one of the most popular games on centralized gaming platforms, where users drop pucks down a pegboard, then see their fortunes revealed as the puck bounces off the pegs to and into one of the prize-filled buckets.

In Piggy Plinko, users can play with BUSD, BNB, AFP, and AFD, with each token having its own unique bankroll. Each bet allows users to choose from a wide variety of strategies allowing them to determine their risk level, variation in prize variety and wager size.  Users can even set profit targets and stop losses to automate their strategy. The game operates with an average house edge of 2%, which is less than half of the competitors, and all profits earned are redistributed to AFP stakers in the Pig Pen (the owners of the platform).

  1. Piggy Plinko revolutionizes Onboarding and Referral Rewards

PiggyPlinko is revolutionizing blockchain gaming with its groundbreaking referral and affiliate marketing program. Every user can start earning money from downlines instantly when they share their unique referral link.

Influencers and affiliate marketers have immediate access to exclusive tiers of play offering high rewards for referrals and game play. Rakeback bonuses (earning back a percentage of a lost wager) and Reload bonuses (redepositing into your balance from gameplay and referrals) increase as their score climbs through the ranks of Bronze, Silver Gold to Platinum tiers!

Players benefit from a generous profit share system giving them a higher earnings rate than other competitors on the market!

  1. The Definitive Guide to Animal Farm

Whether you are a financial guru or novice, the Animal Farm Wiki offers a Definitive Guide to Animal Farm. It provides the essential tools to leverage and maximize wealth.

Unlike traditional investments where assets must be sold to accumulate wealth, Animal Farm focuses on lending and yield aggregation that allows participants to live off the dividends generated by their investments without sacrificing ownership of their assets.

This platform puts users in control of their finances and offers an intuitive interface so that everyone can access this powerful way of building wealth.

  1. New Opportunities for Sustainable Growth and Privacy

Animal Farm is breaking new ground when it comes to ensuring sustainable growth and privacy. Onboarding new users onto a crypto platform can be a great way to inject fresh capital, but the need for Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding can often be daunting and expensive.

Fortunately, the Animal Farm’s upcoming fiat-onramp can offer users new onboarding capabilities with anonymized transactions that don’t require KYC. The onboarding process is largely automated and helps to keep risk management and onboarding costs down while still allowing the platform to expand its user base quickly.

  1. A Roadmap to DeFi Innovation

The Animal Farm roadmap is filled with innovations that aim to push the limits of DeFi innovation. Future updates will include a Single Asset Lending model that allows users to provide collateral to decentralized cross chain bridges, earning yield for the user every time someone uses their collateral pool for a cross chain swap.

Partnership Vaults will allow partner platforms to create profit generating utility for their assets on our platform while driving demand for both their and our native assets.

The upcoming launch of Piggy Plinko, the first in Animal Farms full suite of decentralized games, will bring major benefits to the platform including a strong promotional vehicle as streamers and influencers play games on stream, driving new users to the platform where they can earn from the affiliate referral structure.  This branch of development will allow users to utilize their assets in an entirely new way, taking advantage of innovative mechanics that are both entertaining and verifiably safe. 

Whether you’re new to investing, or an experienced investor looking to improve your asset management capabilities, this roadmap will have something to offer every user.

The Next Step for Investors 

Grow your portfolio by investing in Animal Farm – the only platform where users increase their ownership of the platform by earning and staking native assets to collect cash flows in BNB and BUSD, coming from profit generating products and services. Rather than relying on the standard unsustainable model of selling native assets speculatively to secure profits, this allows for more user flexibility and creates opportunities for effective asset management.

The Animal Farm offers several advantages that set it apart from other DeFi platforms. With its robust security measures, transparent governance structure, and unique opportunity to secure ownership of the platform, Animal Farm provides an attractive option for those looking to invest in Decentralized applications and reap the full benefits of holding their assets over time.

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