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French, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Portuguese citizens can now apply for a US eVisa via US Visa Online

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French, German, Norwegian, Japanese and Portuguese citizens can now apply for a US eVisa via US Visa Online

March 31
04:33 2023

The US eVisa is now offering expedited visa application services to citizens of France, Germany, Norway, Japan, and Portugal. This initiative is part of the US government’s ongoing efforts to strengthen ties with these countries and promote cultural and economic exchange.

Travelers  are required to apply for a US visa to enter the United States for visits upto 90 days for tourism, business, or transit purposes.The expedited visa application process is designed to be quick and efficient, with a turnaround time of just a few days. Prospective visitors can apply online and are required to provide basic information about their travel plans, including their intended purpose of travel and the duration of their stay in the US.

The new visa services cover a range of travel purposes, including tourism, business, education, and family visits.

 A US Visa from France,Germany,Norway,Japan and Portugal  is not optional, but a mandatory requirement for all French citizens traveling to the country for short stays. Before traveling to the United States, a traveler needs to ensure that the validity of the passport is at least three months past the expected departure date.

US Visa for French citizens , US Visa for German citizens ,US Visa for Norwegian citizens, US Visa for Japanese citizens and US Visa for Portuguese citizens can be applied online on this website and can receive the US Visa Online by Email. The process is extremely simplified for all the citizens.

The United States has long been a popular tourist destination, renowned for its diversity, innovation, and natural beauty. This new initiative is expected to encourage more visitors from France, Germany, Norway, Japan, and Portugal to explore everything that the United States has to offer.

Travelers departure date must be within 90 days of arrival. The passport holders are required to obtain a United States Electronic Travel Authority (US ESTA) even for a short duration of 1 day up to 90 days. If the traveler intends to stay for a longer duration, then they should apply for a relevant Visa depending on their circumstances. US Visa Online is valid for 2 consecutive years. Travelers can enter multiple times during the two (2) year validity of the US Visa Online.

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