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Canada Visa Online Application For Swiss Citizens

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Canada Visa Online Application For Swiss Citizens

April 06
20:49 2023


A visa is confirmation that the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country concluded you are eligible and meet the entrance requirements. Citizens of certain countries can apply for a visa to Canada online, but citizens of all other countries must apply through traditional methods. Since August 2015, travellers visiting Canada for six months must obtain an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization). The Canadian Tourist Visa, also known as a Canadian Visitor Visa or a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), allows you to enter Canada only for the purpose of tourism. They can instead apply for and acquire an eTA for Canada, which can be obtained online. Typically, your Canadian tourist visa will be attached to your passport. (or a valid travel document). Most nationals do not require a visa for tourist visits to Canada of less than 180 days. This document confirms that you meet the minimum requirements to legally enter Canada. In addition, citizens of certain countries can also apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to travel to Canada. eTA is a new entry requirement for visa-exempt foreign nationals wishing to travel to Canada by air. Single-entry and multiple-entry visas are the two types of Canada visas available in Canada. Canada Visa Online is a visa waiver document that allows qualified foreign citizens of various countries (visa-free) to visit Canada without first obtaining a visa from a Canadian Embassy.

Types of Canada Visa

  • Temporary resident visa
  • Study permit
  • Work permit
  • Permanent resident travel document

What Are the Documents Necessary for a Canada Visa?

The following documents are necessary:

  • Your valid ID card.
  • A Valid passport with minimum two blank pages
  • A Proper application for a Canada visa.
  • A receipt for Canada visa payments.
  • Proof of clean criminal record.
  • A medical examination certifying excellent health.
  • Photographs meeting the criteria for submitting photographs for a Canada visa.
  • Proof of financial standing
  • Proof that you will return home after your Canadian visa expires.
  • Documents proving your identity and marital status.
  • A letter explaining why you are visiting Canada.


A visa to Canada is a stamp in your passport that authorises you to enter the nation. It is a permit to enter the nation and lawfully remain there, either temporarily or permanently. Today, Canada visa applications have been replaced by the Canada eTA visa, which has the same purpose and conditions as a visa and offers the same authority to travellers. The Canadian government implemented Electronic Travel Authorization in May 2016 to expedite the visa application process. If you are from one of the visa-free nations (countries eligible for an eTA) and are arriving by plane or passing through a Canadian airport, you must apply for an eTA. A Canada eTA visa is a required travel authorization you need to fly to Canada without a traditional visitor or tourist visa. eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an online visa for travelers from visa-exempt countries wishing to enter Canada by air for tourism, business, or transit purposes. The eTA allows multiple entries for tourism, business or transit purposes with a maximum stay of 6 months each. It is valid for 5 years or until the expiry date of the associated passport, whichever comes first. Since the Canada Visa Application Form is available online, the applicant can easily apply for an eTA without going through any hurdles. Visitors who are eligible to apply for a Canada eTA visa can obtain the necessary authorization at any time of the day from the comfort of their own home without having to visit an embassy or consulate.

Who Requires a Visa to Enter Canada?

People from around 148 countries, in particular, require a visa to visit, work, or immigrate to Canada. Citizens of these countries must apply for a visa depending on their reason for visiting the country. Individuals from countries without a visa waiver or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) agreement with Canada must obtain a visa to enter the country. If you are one of these applicants and require a visa to enter Canada, you must apply. Visas of various types are available, including visitor, study, work, and immigrant visas.


Swiss citizens who wish to visit Canada must apply for a visa. However, not all Swiss citizens are required to obtain a visa. This is because short-term visitors are not required to obtain a visa. Swiss people must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization before traveling to Canada. (eTA). For brief travels to Canada, Swiss citizens, along with 57 other nationalities, are excused from getting a visa. If you are flying into Canada, you must apply for a Canadian ETA before departing. Canadian officials implemented the eTA in 2015 to pre-screen foreign visitors and speed up the application procedure. Swiss people must apply for a Canada eTA visa to enter Canada for tourism, business, transit, or medical reasons. Applicants may enter Canada multiple times during the five-year period and may be granted a stay of up to six months for each trip. Once approved for Swiss citizens, the eTA is electronically linked to the applicant’s passport. You can apply for an eTA online anywhere in the world using a desktop, tablet or mobile device. Authorization is quick and easy and is sent securely and electronically to the applicant’s email address.


  • Passport – All applicants who want to obtain a Canada ETA must be passport holders. However, before you apply, check your passport’s expiration date because it needs to be valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Canada.
  • E-mail address – While the Canada ETA is electronically linked to your passport, you will receive a copy of the authorization via e-mail in PDF format. You are not required to have a physical copy on you, but you can still print one out just in case you need it.
  • Means of payment– You can use a credit or debit card, and PayPal is also a valid payment method.


These are the steps to complete the Canada Visa Application.

  • Create a GCKey and sign in to the CIC website
  • Select visitor visa
  • Fill in the mandatory details and save
  • Download all Canada visa application forms
  • Fill and electronic sign the application forms
  • Upload filled and signed applications forms
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Pay bio-metrics fee
  • Submit the application
  • Give your bio-metrics are your nearest VAC
  • Check the status of your application
  • On approval, submit or mail your passport to your nearest VAC
  • Receive or pick up your passport with Canada visa


Many people overlook Canada as a vacation destination, but they are missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. There is adventure, fascinating opportunities, or leisure in gorgeous scenery or even magnificent beaches. A Canadian visa is a document given by the government that allows you to enter the nation for a certain purpose, such as tourist, business, or study. People come to Canada from all over the world to visit, study, work, or immigrate. You must apply for a visa if you want to visit Canada. Your passport stamp entitles you to enter Canada. It is a legal permit to enter and remain in the country, either temporarily or permanently. In 2015, Canada implemented the Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which allows eligible citizens to visit Canada by completing a short online form before to departure. The eTA allows for repeated entrances for tourist, business, or transit, with a maximum stay of 6 months per entry. If you are from one of the visa-exempt nations (qualified countries for an eTA) and are arriving by flight or transiting via a Canadian airport, you must apply for an eTA. It is valid for 5 years or until the expiration date of the accompanying passport, whichever comes first. The first step is to determine what type of visa you need and to see if you are eligible to apply. You also need to know what documents you need to submit with your application. Applying for a visa to Canada means that the Canadian consulate or embassy in your home country determines that you are eligible and meet the income requirements.

Types of Canada Visa

  • Visitor visas.
  • Student visas.
  • Work visas.
  • Permanent Residence visas.
  • Business Immigrant visas.
  • Express Entry Program visas.


  • Find out if you are eligible for a Canada visa.
  • Create your account online.
  • Gather the documents file.
  • Fill out a visa application form with requested information and documents.
  • Pay the visa processing fee via certified cheque or bank draft.
  • Visit the nearest Canadian visa application center with your passport, photographs, and other documents.
  • You need to give your fingerprints and photo (bio-metrics)
  • Submit your visa application form at the Canada visa application center.
  • Get the receipt from the application center containing the unique tracking number.
  • Track your application online using this number.
  • Wait for your Canadian visa to be processed.

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