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Heze Peony International Communication Forum Successfully Held

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Heze Peony International Communication Forum Successfully Held

April 11
03:56 2023
Building Chinese Cultural Identity and Telling the Story of Heze Peony to the World

On April 9, the Heze Peony International Communication Forum was held in Heze City, Shandong Province, hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, and organized by the Publicity Department of the CPC Heze Municipal Committee and Center for International Cultural Communication of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration.


Photo of the forum

Xi Yanchun, Deputy Head in charge of routine work of the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee, Director-General of General Office of Shandong Provincial Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress, Information Office of Shandong Provincial Government, made remarks that the peony has always been loved by the Chinese people, and its unique symbolism and charm are formed by the interplay between this national flower and the excellent Chinese traditional culture accumulated over the centuries.

Lu Cairong, Vice President of China Foreign Languages Publishing Administration, pointed out in his video message that the peony, which is widely loved by the public and has a beautiful meaning, is an important symbol of Chinese civilization and a vivid footnote of cultural exchange and integration between China and foreign countries. Facing the new situation and new technological development, it is necessary to further innovate the ways of international communication of peony to promote industrial development and cultural exchanges.

According to Zhang Lun, Secretary of Heze Municipal Party Committee, peony culture is an important part of China’s excellent traditional culture, which carries the beautiful symbolic meaning of wealth and prosperity and is highly compatible with the contemporary theme of peace and development in the world. We hope that by hosting this forum, more peonies will go from Heze to the world and create a brighter future for the international communication of peonies.

Diplomatic envoys, including H.E Irit Ben-Abba Vitale,  Ambassador of Israel to China, Julio Elaïz Espana, Deputy Head of Embassy of Spain in China (Minister Counsellor), Kim Jin-gon, Minister Counsellor of Embassy of the Republic of Korea, and President of the Korean Culture Center in China, expressed congratulations on the opening of the forum and delivered keynote speeches.

H.E Irit Ben-Abba Vitale said that international communication and cultural activities are very important for communication and exchange between countries, peoples and cultures. Israel and China have a wide range of cultural exchange programs, and these cultural activities are an important medium to promote people-to-people contact between the two countries. It is expected that Heze peony can become a bridge to spread and connect love and friendship to the world, and become the business card of Shandong to the world.

Minister Counsellor Julio Elaïz Espana reviewed the history of the relationship between China and Spain and said that this year is the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Spain and China, and the two countries will carry out a series of exchange activities in various fields. The Peony Festival held in Heze reminded him of the many cultural similarities between the two countries, and he hoped to take this opportunity to better promote cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Minister Counsellor Kim Jin-gon said that Korea and China are geographically close and culturally connected, and have historically conducted exchanges in many fields, making them precious neighbors of each other. Heze and Gimpo are sister cities. It is hoped that the forum will enhance the friendship between the Korean and Chinese peoples, and promote more cooperation between the two countries.

Pan Lusheng, Vice Chairman of the Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Chairman of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association and President of Shandong University of Art & Design, Sun Jingxin, Vice President of Academy of Contemporary China and World Studies, Javier García, senior international correspondent from Spain and professor at Renmin University of China, Ma Li, President of China-Japan Innovation Exchange Association and President of Gifu China-Japan Cultural Exchange Association delivered keynote speeches in the form of live attendance or video.

Peony culture overseas communication research experts, including Shakeel Ramay,Chief Executive Officer of the Asian Ecological Civilization Research and Development Institute of Pakistan, Zoon Ahmed Khan, senior fellow of Center for China and Globalization (CCG), Agostino Sepe, Italian Sinologist, delivered video speeches.

In the roundtable discussion session, Wang Weihua, former envoy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ji Zhonghui, Professor of UIR (University of International Relations) and Director of Center for Strategic Communication Studies at UIR, Lei Weizhen, Deputy Director of the RUC Institute for Public Diplomacy (Renmin University of China), Yang Jinsong, Director of International Institute (Institute of HK, Macao & Taiwan) of the China Tourism Academy, Jin Xin, President of Art News of China, Editor-in-chief, etc. discussed topics related to the international communication of peony culture. Yao Yao, Director of Research Center for National Soft Power, China Foreign Affairs University, moderated the session.

In order to effectively promote the international communication of Heze peony culture,  Center for International Cultural Communication, the Publicity Department of Heze Municipal Party Committee and Heze University jointly established the Cooperation Base of Innovation on Cultural Communication – International Communication Centre of Peony Culture, and held a signing and  unveiling ceremony at the forum. The forum also issued an initiative on the construction of overseas peony gardens.

At the forum, over 300 Chinese and foreign guests gathered in Heze, taking flowers as a medium to make friends, focusing on the theme of “building Chinese cultural identity and telling the story of Heze peony to the world”, exploring the way of international communication of peony as a Chinese cultural identity.

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