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Dolphin Song And Lost Lovers Enters Pre-Production For New Feature Film Scheduled To Release Across Global Cinemas In 2024

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Dolphin Song And Lost Lovers Enters Pre-Production For New Feature Film Scheduled To Release Across Global Cinemas In 2024

April 27
11:49 2023
Under the new partnership, a new website will be launched, and novels will also be made available in US bookstores soon.

Dolphin Song, the #1 Amazon global bestselling novel, is in pre-production in Ireland and France. The new book by bestselling writer Tom Richards, managing director and a major shareholder of Storylines Entertainment Ltd, has completed his most recent rewrite of the screenplay for Dolphin Song in the feature film. Under the new partnership, there are also plans to launch a new company website, They will also be making their novels available in US bookstores soon.

“Our company has hired a great English screenwriter, who will also be in the credits, to help us finish this last write,” Mr. Richards said. “Our company has also applied for financial support to Screen Ireland, the Irish film funding body. I am certain we will receive that major funding sometime in April of this year. Many people who have read the book and parts of this final script agree that it will make a wonderful film.”

The screenplay, based on the Dolphin Song novel, is best summed up through its strapline: “Is it possible to love someone so completely they never die?”

Gina Alonso, a senior consultant at Author Innovation, states: “This story will never die, just like the strapline of the book and film will never die. It hits the hearts of men, women, and many younger people. The premise is simple: if someone you love passes on, wouldn’t you want to see them again? The answer, of course, is yes. This journey of faith is also a romance, sea story, and adventure film. Located both in Boston, Massachusetts, as well as the stunning Beara Peninsula in Southwest Ireland, this film also contains Irish legend, and its cinematography will include some of the most beautiful landscapes and seascapes in the entire world.”

Richards and Alonso both agree that the film will go global sometime in 2024 or early 2025. “Storylines Entertainment has already started to raise finance,” Alonso continued. “Richards and his team in Ireland have also picked out preliminary locations for shooting in Boston and Ireland. We also hear that a number of A-list actors and directors are interested in being part of the Dolphin Song Feature Film success.”

Richards congratulated Author Innovation and their team of marketing and distribution specialists for helping to place Dolphin Song and the company’s other novels and books in bookstores on the East Coast of the United States, as well as the West Coast. “Jin and the rest of the people working on our books are highly motivated. We work together to ensure the continuing success not only of our books but also our coming films.”

Richards also says that the novel Lost Lovers is also in pre-production but this time in India. “SKG Animation and Distribution will provide us with a 30-minute pitch animated segment sometime in April 2023. When we have this in our hands, we will immediately seek co-producers for a feature film.”

Explaining his confidence in the success of his new movie, Richard stated, “First, it’s done very well on Amazon even though it’s only been out for a few weeks. Second, this is an illustrated novel for adults as well as younger people, both male, and female. It’s a story of faith, in many ways like Dolphin Song, but it is also a romance and an adventure tale that takes place in Northwest Africa, India, Australia, and an uncharted island just east of Brisbane. If you want a good laugh and like Shakespeare and some strange creatures like a two-headed Kangaroo who also talks, and if you love iambic pentameter like the Bard of English Stage Plays used, then you’ll love this book and the film, too.”

To learn more visit:

There, visitors to the website can open the Mood Movie which gives an idea of the story, tragedy, romance, seascapes and the magic that will be found in this film.

For more information, contact Author Innovation ([email protected]) or Storylines Entertainment Limited ([email protected])

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