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SID – Reshaping the Ecology of the Block Chain Industry

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SID – Reshaping the Ecology of the Block Chain Industry

August 02
20:11 2019

Big data is a buzzword in the Internet, and the nip-and-tuck block chain is also called the subversion of innovative technology in the industry, so that the combination of big data and block chain has become the solution for the reform and innovation of the traditional financial industry. The combination of them in the financial industry is ongoing, shocking the traditional monetary system and financial system. 

Big data and block chain technology is widely sought after by the market, which made SID project team researching the block chain field for many years, using data storage, fast transmission and search engine technology, and combining excellent professional teams to create all-round sharing platform. SID realizes real-time transparency of data, information in a global scale. Through storage and transmission technology, the most comprehensive market news and information will be fully displayed on the SID platform. At the same time, SID provides a completely open interface to a wide range of resources, including business, technology and government, achieving maximize resource sharing, thereby making the most efficient use of resources and achieving social synergy.

SID provides solutions to solve block chain technology, which address data ownership, revenue ownership, data leakage and authenticity in all areas. The SID ecosystem will launch tens of thousands of applications in the future to serve global consumption. SID’s high performance, rich chain-based smart contracts and millions of on-chain data can help block chain use in all areas, including retail, food and beverage, food production, property market, vehicle and other industries. When the application is generated, it will actively participate in the comprehensive SID information ecosystem.

With the upgrading of block chain technology, the block chain will profoundly change the features and operation mechanism of the world, bringing more mutual trust, freedom, order and fairness to people, making people’s lives and work more reliable, safe and convenient. At the same time, local governments have actively developed and improved the block chain technology, policy system and regulatory framework from the industry. SID will realize value and asset circulation, so that real chain block entrepreneurs can complete investment financing at critical moments and create a value ecology of information and data sharing from various ecological perspectives.

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