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Washing hair with feisou shampoo in a right way

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Washing hair with feisou shampoo in a right way

August 02
20:22 2019

Washing hair is one of the most common things we do in our life. It keeps us clean and tidy in front of others and makes us feel good about ourselves. However, many people don’t realize that washing their hair the wrong way for a long time will lead to a range of problems such as itchy scalp, oily hair, scalp allergy and even hair loss. So whats the right way to wash our hair?

First, do not wash hair too frequently, and remember to use a shampoo with moderate cleaning power, or our hair will be damaged to some extend. We are suggested to wash our hair every two days, but we have to wash it every day if we exercise and sweat, in which case we may use a mild shampoo. feisou shampoo adopts amino acid surfactants that are weakly acidic just like human skin. In fact, most shampoos in the market are alkaline, and long-term frequent use of them will damage the ecological environment of the scalp.

Instead of using essence and pigment, feisou shampoo adopts natural plant essential oils, it doesnt even use any unnecessary chemicals, like thickener.

Second, ensure the right process of shampooing. Avoid using overheated water that can cause moisture loss in the scalp and hair, which can lead to dry and itchy scalp. Instead of pouring the shampoo onto the scalp, we can pour the shampoo onto the end of our hair and lather it up. (Of course, we can ignore this point if we use feisou shampoo, which does not contain any thickener, being liquid and easy to rinse.) Proper massage can help promote the blood circulation in the scalp, but we should notice that the scalp should be massaged by finger pulps instead of fingertips that may scratch it. In addition, avoid rubbing hair roughly. Hair should be gently patted or wrapped up with a towel to absorb excessive water, then left to dry naturally, otherwise the hair cuticles will be damaged.

Third, people especially those with withered and damaged hair should care their hair regularly. For fully nourishing hair, they can use hair care products and wait about ten minutes after applying conditioner or hair mask(remember not to apply them on the scalp).  

feisou has launched the hair conditioner to go with the shampoo, and it is refreshing in texture, improving hair condition with natural plant essential oils. Whats more, this conditioner is easier to rinse, because it doesnt contain silicone oil, hydrating hair and leaving it not greasy at all, being a good choice for people who want to care their hair.

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