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The CEO Adaleta Avdic Offers a Talk On Finding Vital Solutions to Alleviate Skin Related Issues

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The CEO Adaleta Avdic Offers a Talk On Finding Vital Solutions to Alleviate Skin Related Issues

October 28
16:46 2020
The Beauty Guru Made Strides During the Weekend’s Get Together with Staff and Customers

Adaleta Avdic, CEO of Adaleta Avdic LLC, offers various solutions to alleviate skin problems. She cleared misconceptions occurring over the last decade, amongst beauty influencers online. She enthusiastically unveiled several skincare remedies while holding a meeting with her staff and her audience online.

During the opening speech, the CEO said, “A significant amount of beauty product-related reviews on the internet today have spread misconceptions on how to care for your skin adequately. For example, many assume the solution for oily skin is  drying out the oil, which couldn’t be further from the truth. It may surprise you to know that it is not the solution to the problem. Hyaluronic acid, along with a high quality facial oil mixed with hydrating moisturizer is the best solution for oily skin.”

“Avdic is one of the leading experts in her field to listen to when it comes to fashion, lifestyle, travel, and especially skincare. She is an expert! Someone with lots of recommendations from notable figures in the skincare field. Not only that, she is a travel enthusiast that loves to share her many adventures, beauty recommendations, and life lessons that she learned through her experiences as a refugee, upbringing and supporting herself financially. She has a lot to offer, which makes her beauty suggestions valuable,” a company spokesperson added.

She has attracted the attention of her audience, regardless of their age or gender. One of the participants at the meeting, pleased with the presentation, had this to say, “I was glad to be a part of this talk with Avdic. She explained all the nuances regarding fashion styling techniques and how we can apply them to work for us nicely. She is an influencer with recommendations for everyone because she is very inclusive. With information about the dangers of mishandling skincare routine and regimen, more people with skin-related conditions and problems will find a long-lasting solution like I did. This meeting was surprisingly informative for me and was a genuinely positive learning experience overall.”

Adaleta Avdic is a driven person with a passion for promoting skincare, fashion, and overall authenticity. Her work as a social media influencer has seen a significant rise in fan following and the number of visitors on her blog. With more than 47,000 monthly viewers, 600,000 followers on Instagram, 350,000 followers on TikTok and even 10,000 YouTube subscribers, she has helped a million individuals select the correct skincare products with her hands-on beauty reviews. She responds to all her messages and specific requests from her audience.

For those that want to learn more about Adaleta Avdic or get in touch, the easiest way to follow her posts or progress is to check on the official website at or find her on Instagram at

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