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Improving Study Habits – A Proven Guide from a Master of the Craft

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Improving Study Habits – A Proven Guide from a Master of the Craft

November 03
02:26 2020

How many times have students promised themselves that they would study for a period of time only to find out that they spent the time doing something else? More times than they can count, right? If it is any consolation, they are not alone. There are several other people who cannot find it in themselves to nail down their study time and commit unflinchingly to it.

Studying is hard work, that is why it is called studying, and this is exactly why a lot of students struggle. In this instructive new book, Christine Reidhead, who is an Educator and Humanitarian has a lot to discuss in steering students on the right path.

As an Assistant Professor at Navajo Technical University, she deals with students and knows what works and doesn’t work in their circle. She has stripped this knowledge into the book and offers top of mind advise and counsel that have been tested in the chambers of time.

Uncomplicated and starting from the inside to the outside, How to Improve Study Habits is more than just a book. It is an exhaustive guide that will help just about anyone who picks it up find the inspiration to know their own selves, their study habits and find out the type of students they are. Equipped with this knowledge, it is easy to know what study habits to adopt and which to drop.

With the Advent of COVID-19 and the global situation it has created, studying is now twice as tedious. Gone are the moments of relying on general study periods or peer study. The right initiative must be taken to get any proper study done when the world is on lockdown. It is no surprise that the book packs an entire chapter filled with the tips and hacks to keep up with online study in the new normal.

The book published by Four Windows Press does not promise to eliminate the hard work that studying effectively is. To expect that is to set sight on something that is never going to happen. Studying will still be hard work, that is the foundation of all good, lasting things. What the book is promising is an insight into their own person.

Once students are armed with that knowledge, they will look at studying from a different perspective. It will shift from trying to get all the information they can get into their head and morph into picking the information that the type of student they need. It will also change their approach to studying. They will be studying from the knowledge of who they are, and they will love it!

The new Christine Reidhead book promises to be fulfilling while steering students to find themselves in the pages. They will finish the book and have their eyes opened to the reality of the student they are. This will guide their choice of where to read, the times to read, and other habits that will keep their cutting edge sharpened.

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